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#1 Detox To Clean Your Body of Accumulated Poisons and Toxins?

(PLUS: give you Pristine Health?)

Did you know that Far Infrared Technology (FIR) was used as a recovery method for the thousands of 911 first responders who were poisoned by over 200 years worth of toxins that penetrated their skin.

And did you know that FAR sauna visits showed an 87% improvement in their health.

The EPA has confirmed that every human has dangerous toxins in their body, at all times. These toxins include pesticides, insecticides, parasites and other harmful chemicals. Although this can be terrifying to many there exits an easy solution with FIR therapy

Even though the knowledge of FIR is not widespread, it has been studied at the Mayo Clinic, the WHO and NASA.

PLUS, elite pro and Olympic athletes have used it as a recovery method for years.

So How Does FIR Therapy Work?

In layman's terms, your body gets rid of toxins through sweat, and FAR infrared is the healthiest heat wave your body can absorb. When your body receives heat, it naturally begins increasing circulation throughout the body moving toxins away from tissue.

Simultaneously, your body begins sweating thereby removing these toxins through your sweat, tears and kidneys.

Let's face it! We live in a toxic world whereby we are absorbing chemicals all day long from the air we breathe, the products we touch and the food we consume. We are so loaded up with poisons that our bodies have a tough time processing everything. Some of these chemicals can even damage the very systems that are designed to detoxify the body.

By stimulating the toxin removal process through more efficient circulation initiated by FIR, we eliminate many of these toxins that are carried by your blood...thereby protecting your organs from potentially fatal damage.

FIR Sauna therapy sessions can take 15- 60 minutes depending on how often you participate. You should try to do this 2-3 times per week for the first 3 weeks and then once per week thereafter to keep your body free of toxins.

The time will, of course, vary depending on your total toxin level and how much your body sweats.

Amazingly, the process continues after you stop. Once your body is programmed to purge toxins, it continues over time. This after burn affect can last months. Your body will be optimized in the way it handles toxins.

Wearing a FIR band can give you 24/7 support of toxin removal as well plus it is portable anyway you go. Fusion Black and Fusion Sport bracelets carry a 13 mineral mixture called Tourmamix that emits the highest allowable FIR into your skin for as long as you wear it! Click here for more information.

Health professionals project that FIR detoxification will become a standard detoxification method over the next ten years.


  1. Exercise– When you sweat inside of a sauna, your body mobilizes the elimination of toxins. Exercising before the sauna can prep your body and get circulation detoxification moving. This is important to reach deep and distant tissues such as the heart muscle.
  2. Take a Niacin supplement– can also help your DETOX as it will expand your micro vessels allowing toxins to pass.
  3. Digestive Enzymes– It is estimated that 90% of us are enzyme deficient. You should also take digestive enzymes on a regular basis to break up toxic sludge inside of your body created by food that was not properly digested or to move accumulated toxins out of your body.
  4. Enjoy a massage– Simply getting a massage can help as well. Stimulation of connective tissue can
  5. Wear a FIR Band like Fusion Black or Fusion Sport

Start your FIR Therapy today with with FIR Sauna Detoxification

Overall, FAR Infrared detoxification saunas allows you to sweat out these deadly toxins in a short period of time. This can all take place in 60 minutes or less.

It is far more beneficial than a regular sauna because the FIR rays penetrate deeper into the tissue and produce faster detoxification.

Other Sources of FIR Therapy

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has revealed that certain ceramics and rare earth minerals emit high levels of far infrared naturally.

As the temperature rises, your own body heat can activate FAR Infrared delivery.

The specific mineral or ceramic mixture dictates how much FIR the material will emit. These mixtures are traditionally boron silicate mixtures.

These specific combinations of minerals can be found in the Fusion Silicon wrist bands ( link to negative ions/infrared products) that give off infrared radiation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Although it is not as intense as a sauna as far as detox is concerned, these bands have been proven to play a significant role in Flexibility, Balance, Strength and Pain Relief, -to read about the highest performing bands check out your options click here.

In you would like to read about the double blind study click here

Report for Double Blind Placebo Crossover Human Clinical

Study of the Efficacy of the Fusion IONZ Band in Improving

Flexibility, Strength, Balance and Endurance in Healthy Subjects

Watch for further research as FIR therapy hits the mainstream! We are now seeing bandages and dressings being made out of NIR emitting fabrics and used in many medical conditions and injuries that require healing.

There is a large potential market in lifestyle enhancing applications that will be emerging over the next few years.

Garments may be manufactured for performance enhancing apparel in both leisure activities and competitive sports areas. Cold weather apparel would perform better by incorporating FIR emitting capability and sleeping environments could be improved by mattresses and bedding emitting FIR.

To see more products that emit healthy infrared here


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