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Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) on Your Health

( and how you can neutralize them)

EMF's stand for electronic magnetic frequencies. They are also known as positive ions and electronic magnetic radiation. These radioactive frequencies are created from man made electronics and electricity sources and have been linked to various health concerns, including increased risk of cancer.

The United States Navy Discovered a Problem in the 1960's

For over 20 years now, scientists have researched electromagnetic fields and the effect they could have on our bodies. The US Navy reported their findings in a 1960 Popular Mechanics magazine. They discovered sailors who were aboard Navy submarines were poisoned by the EMF radiation coming from the electronics on the ship. They reported health problems like loss of energy and focus Plus the navy Doctors reported lower immune function and severe migraine headaches. They called this syndrome Video Operators Distress Syndrome VODS at the Centers For Disease Control

Cell Phone Warning Labels Now Required By The City of Berkeley

The City Of Berkeley in California started making waves in the media when they claimed that a local electrical substation was causing a host of problems for residents, including headaches, severe hair loss, gastrointestinal problems, joint problems, and tumors. To make matters worse, the substation had power lines running all along the perimeter of the community, effectively turning it into (according to the residents) a huge microwave. Even after gaining heavy media attention, however, nothing was resolved in the long run and ultimately there was no closure for the residents.

As a result, the City of Berkeley in California became the first US city to require new cell phones to be sold with radiation warnings letting consumers know about the risk. This law is similar to the law that requires cigarette packages to offer a warning.

MSNBC: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

MSNBC reported about this story back on December 28th. The study as reported in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine links LT exposure to radiation from cell phones as an increased risk for specific brain cancers. The risks are even greater if the phone is held against your ear.

A statistical analysis compared hundreds of studies on low-intensity radio frequency radiation (LIRF) and cell phone use and revealed a consistency of patterns," said team leader Igor Yakymenko who conducted the study in Kiev

"We saw that 'heavy users' were at three to five times higher risk for brain cancer and tumors of the acoustic nerve," he says.

The study defined "heavy user" as someone who spends more than 20 minutes a day on their cell phone for 5 to 10 years—a very minimal amount of time in today's fast moving societies."

Navy Scientists Developed a little known Solution

The US Navy were concerned with the number of health problems caused by EMF's on Navy ships and it was affecting their ability to protect America. What they discovered was that EMF radiation was positive ion based. They discovered that these unhealthy positive ions could be neutralized by introducing negative ions in the space. It proved so successful that for the past 50 years negative ion generators have been installed on every submarine in the US Navy fleet.

EMFs Are All Around Us

The reality of it is that even though you may not be able to see or feel it, EMFs are certainly all around us at any given time. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even warned that there was reason for concern, and advised avoidance of EMFs whenever possible.

But, that's extremely hard to do in today's electricity-driven world, where the entire day is spent deep in a "connected" environment. Some of the heavy hitters when it comes to EMF output include cell phones, substations, transformers, and power lines, which constantly carry massive amounts of voltage.

Other sources of EMFs can be a little closer than you think. In the room you are in now, take a look around and see if you can't find at least one computer, electric clock, answering machine, home telephone, microwave oven or fluorescent light. Even things like electric blankets, electric razors and hair dryers can be sources. It simply can't be avoided.

What's worse, you don't absorb these microwaves only by standing right in front of a computer, for example. The monitor will emit EMFs in all directions and across several rooms, so just having one in your house could mean radiation.

The fact of the matter is that Negative Ion generators worked well for the Navy, what could the average person do to protect themselves.

Well, soon these generators were made available in American homes. The problem was that most of the generators were either too expensive for the average person or they did not cover enough space to be of any benefit. Today, those generators have come done to a more affordable price, but they are still expensive and they do not protect you when you are outside the home.

Introducing Fusion IONZ Protect – a Patent Pending Portable Negative Ion Solution

Researchers have been looking for a cost effective solution for the past 50 years. The biggest hurdle they met was portability. You could not have every person carrying around a negative ions generator everywhere they went. Not only is that extremely inconvenient but it is also expensive.

Now finally after 50 years of research, innovators found a way of mixing negative ion generating minerals into a portable pad that could fit on any cell phone.

The culmination of all that research resulted in Fusion Protect, a silicon pad with a patent pending mixture of minerals know as Tourmamix that contains a secret blend of 13 different minerals in exact percentages that emit the highest allowable negative ions in the industry.

Now you have negative ion portability! Simply attach a Fusion Protect pad to your phone or electronic device and it automatically begins to neutralize emf radiation with a constand flood of healthy negative ions.

Ivy League Medical School Proof

In 2012, Harvard Medical School joined Massachusetts General to complete the most an extensive clinical evaluation on FAR Infrared and Negative ions. Part of their study concerned itself with the protective qualities of "FAR Infrared" and negative ions in regards to radiation. They used X Ray radiation in the study, which is much stronger than cell phone radiation.


After analyzing oxidative stress levels and accumulation of free radicals, they confirmed that FAR Infrared and Negative Ions provide a defensive mechanism that promotes cellular repair.

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