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The BIG FAT Energy/Power Bands Scam

Americans have shelled out well over $300 Million dollars for with the hope of increased health including better flexibility, balance and more strength.

Proponents of these energy bands argue that they give you energy, mental clarity, increase your physical performance and even help you sleep better.

Naysayers argue that these bands do absolutely nothing and that there is no proof that they work.

Here is a recent TV interview Transcript I did recently that will shed a lot of light on the energy band industry:

Interviewer- Matt, Many claims have been made about the effects of energy bands on health. There is a lot of bad publicity all over the internet, but there are also people who swear by these bands. So my question is, do any of these bands work?

Matt: I understand that people are skeptical and they should be. They have been lied to and many of them have wasted their money on bands that have absolutely no therapeutic value. In fact one company who I will not name sold over 100 million worth of bands in 2010 alone claiming that their embedded hologram gave people more flexibility and balance.

Scientific evidence proved that NOT to be the case. The Federal Trade Commission went after them for false claims and they had to pay a stiff fine and were forced to reorganize.

Lately, scientific evidence with new technology has been mounting and the benefits, in my opinion are, are quite amazing!

Interviewer: Maybe you could enlighten our audience as to the types and benefits of the different bands on the market?

Matt: My research shows that there are really 3 different kinds of bands:

a. Pure silicone bands that really do nothing at all

b. Copper bands- this is older technology and has been around for a long time

c. Negative ions bands- these bands are silicone that is infused with a mineral mixture that can give off negative ions, infrared rays and can stimulate blood flow

Interviewer: The negative ions bands are the ones they you commissioned the double blind study for, right?

Matt: Yes, that is correct.

Interviewer: So what are negative ions?

Matt: Electrons carry a small negative electrical charge, so a molecule gaining an electron becomes negatively charged (a negative ion) and a molecule losing an electron becomes positively charged (a positive ion). The negative ions are good for you and the positive ones are bad.

Negative ions are electrically attracted to airborne particles such as mold, spores, odors, allergens, even viruses and bacteria.  They attach to these, thus cleaning the air of pollution and germs.  Many people are familiar with the use of ionizing machines to ‘freshen’ the air in homes, offices and hospitals.  But this is only one basic aspect of the value of negative ions to our health and wellness.

Interviewer:So tell me about the study you commissioned and what it showed.

Matt: First of all, I commissioned the study at a Medical Institute in Colorado because there is so much misinformation out there on Energy/Balance bands in general. I did not know how the results would turn out. ( click here for a link to the study)

Each subject underwent several physical tests, including basic stretching exercises, 30 seconds of pushups and 30 seconds of sit ups, maximum bicep curl weight, and average power on an ergometer bicycle.

It was a double blind experiment – neither the subject nor administrator knew which secretly-coded band was the placebo, and which was the active band.. The study found that the Fusion Ionz Band “produced a highly significant increase in all tests of flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance in all 16 healthy humans.” More scientific study is certainly warranted. Here is the chart of results and as you can see it is very impressive.

Interviewer: So do you think this study puts to bed the controversy about these bands working or not?

Matt: I expect not. The problem is that most companies sell inferior products and rely on marketing hype. So there will always be bad apples out there. I can, unequivalenty say that the Fusion ionz band does not fall in that category. In fact, the professional sport athletes and the many testimonials we have certainly collaborate these results.

Interviewer: I am curious, Matt. Who should be wearing these bands?

Matt: I am involved in the fitness industry so I have introduced it to fitness experts, pro athletes like golfers, hockey players and football players, long distance runners, Basketball players, MMA fighters, weight lifters and many more.

The pro athletes wear them because they work and they do not receive one dime for endorsement fees. They report that the bands raise their energy levels, increase their strength and performance, enhance their flexibility, accelerate recovery times plus help them recovery from joint and muscle injuries.

PLUS they do not have to worry about testing negative for a banned substance!

Interviewer: What about everyday men and women, kids and the baby boomers who may be feeling the effects of aging?

Matt: Men and women from all walks of life report less sick days, less joint pain, less brain fog and less sleeping problems. I should mention that these things were not tested for in the clinical study, but there are a lot of people who tell us how much it has helped …whether it be - more passion for life, better focus and concentration and more energy.

Interviewer: It is really hard to believe that people could get all those benefits just from wearing a band like this. Can you explain to our viewers how the technology works?

Matt: So, these bands are made out of silicone and during the manufacturing process they are infused with a mineral technology that gives off negative ions.

Interviewer: We talked about negative ions earlier. What do negative ions do exactly?

Matt: Negative ions are not something new. Maybe you have experienced the invigorating effects of breathing negative ions after a thunderstorm. Most people feel regenerated and full of energy! Or maybe you have stood near a waterfall and felt how the air movements seem to give you an instant lift in mood, energy & well being.

Interviewer: WOW, I had no idea. No wonder I love going outside after a thunderstorm and breathing the air. It truly is invigorating! So how do you benefit from negative ions just by wearing this band?

Matt: Fusion Ionz bands are infused with a patent pending mineral mixture called TOURMAMIX that emits these health restoring, performance enhancing negative ions 24/7.

In fact research shows that negative ions are absorbed better through the skin than they are absorbed through the nose or mouth. So what we have is just a different delivery system for negative ions…but the difference is that we get them 24 hours a day…which is really beneficial.

Plus, Fusion IONZ is even more effective because negative ions are absorbed better through the skin than they are through the nose or mouth. That is something most people do not realize!

Interviewer: How do I know that the Band is really working?

Matt- Well, as I mentioned earlier, most people have experienced the positive effects of negative ions without even knowing it! Whether it be the invigorating effects of breathing in nature’s negative ions after a thunderstorm that has generated trillions of negative ions in the air or simply standing in a shower.

Most people feel less tension and more energized! Anything that induces a vigorous air and water movement can give you an instant lift in mood, energy & well being. That’s because your body absorbs wave upon wave of negatively charged ions- which doctors call the most powerful rejuvenating force in all of nature.

The clinical study I commissioned indicates that exposure to negative ions may be the most important thing we do for our energy levels, strength, flexibility and balance.

Interviewer: Now that you mention it, the air after the thunderstorms we have been getting recently certainly seems to give me an energy and mood boost. So you are saying that you can get that same boost 24/7 just by wearing the band.

Matt: Absolutely. The clinical study I did certainly indicates this- plus the thousands of testimonials from everyday men and women and pro athletes who receive no sponsorship renumeration confirms it even more!

So, the beauty about that is that we can scientifically measure the negative ions output from the band. At the Medicine Institute in Colorado, they even tested all the top energy/balance bands on the market and what they found was truly mind blowing.

Interviewer: I am sure our viewers would be interested to see those results.

Matt: You can see from the measurement that the Fusion ionz band is emitting up to 4000 CC of negative ions per second.[ Link showing the actual measuring video] Health benefits have been documented at 1000 cc per second so this band gives you 400% more of the energizing health benefits. The other bands on the market indicated an inferior performance as you can see from the comparison chart(show the measurement of the fusion band and then the comparison chart)

Interviewer: This has been a truly eye-opening interview, Matt and thank you for candid assessment of the Mineral/Energy band industry!

Matthew: You are very welcome and please take these 4 bands so you, your wife and both your kids can enjoy Negative Ions energy 24/7!

Interviewer: Thanks so much! I am excited to feel the difference.

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