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Fusion Ionz™Technology

In 2010, Fusion IONZ began developing a mineral mixture consisting of silicate rare earth minerals shown to produce negative ions and FAR Infrared (FIR) rays.

As the years went on, Fusion constantly experimented with different mineral combinations until the health benefits could be optimized. The outcome was nothing short of miraculous and put all competition in the energy/balance band industry at a competitive disadvantage.

The result was a powerful TourmaMix™technology that is the key to all Fusion products. The patented Tourmamix is mixed into the liquid silicone mold and then dries to be forever and permanently embedded in the silicon.

This mineral mixture emits up to 5,000 negative ions per second, nourishing your body with wave after wave of negative ion support!


Patented Silicate Mixture

TourmaMix™ is Fusion’s patented mineral mixture was originally derived from black tourmaline, germanium and titanium. The black tourmaline naturally emits negative ions and FAR Infrared (FIR) while the germanium and titanium increase the amount of oxygen your blood has the capacity to carry. These powerful elements working in unison creates many health benefits.

Now after 7 years of research and development, Fusion has added 10 more health promoting minerals that makes it the industry leader in negative ions and infrared technology.

According to independent laboratory tests comparing the top bands in the marketplace, Fusion products tested at least twice as strong and in many cases 2000-3,000 times stronger than any competitive band.


FAR INFRARED (FIR) – Validated By Harvard

What is FAR Infrared (FIR)? FIR is a wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum that has been used to treat several medical conditions. FIR treatments and associated studies were validated in a 2012 published medical Study by Harvard University. They recognized benefits ranging from increased circulation, better sleep, muscle recovery and even treatment of terminal illnesses.

Harvard Study Documented Benefits(Black Tourmaline and other Silicates)

Increased Circulation

Success in Treatment of Arthritis

Body Pain Reduction

Click Here: Full Harvard Study


Why is Negative Ion Support needed? Negative Ions are nourishing molecules that work as anti oxidants inside of the human body. When we are born our body is 80% negative ions but that amount diminishes as we expose ourselves to toxins, poor diets and positively charged free radicals such as EMF’s from electronics and cell phones.


24/7 Support

Fusion Ionz™bands have been lab tested to emit up to 5,000 negative ions per CC per second. Additionally, they have been tested to release high levels of FIR. Our body needs this constant support to perform at it’s optimal level.