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1. Negative ions

Fusion IONZ™ bracelets have been created to deliver negative ion support to the human body. Negative Ions are negatively charged air molecules that have been studied for human benefit for the last 50 years. These special air molecules have been linked to such benefits as increased circulation, better brain function and balanced sleep hormones.

Negative ions are measured by ions per "per CC". The human body receives optimal benefit at anything over 1,000 CC's. Our bracelets have been scientifically tested to produce up to 4,000 CCs. Today after another 3 years of clinical study, we can now boast an output of up to 10,000 CC per NG- by far over triple that of any other health bracelet that we have measured

2. Infrared Therapy (FIR)

Negative Ions and FIR are inter-related and work in unison with each other. The higher the negative ions output, the higher the amount of FIR emitted. Radiant, or infrared heat, works differently from conventional heat also in that it does not "transfer" heat from a heating source, but rather it distributes it more evenly because it "radiates" the heat outward. It does not need a secondary transference method to warm an area, a person, a small room, or whatever the purpose might be.

Infrared saunas, have been very popular with athletes. The heat from an infrared sauna does not feel as hot as a normal sauna, yet it radiates heat deeper into the skin to help draw out toxins and boost circulation. You can stay in an infrared sauna longer and thereby receive greater benefits.

Athletes report that they use it to relieve aches, pains and strains, and accelerate the healing process. It is believed that the increase in circulation provided the needed nutrients for repair and maintenance. Doctors have been well aware of the fact that wounds heal faster with better circulation, and this may also be true of muscle and tissue trauma.

Infrared heat has only recently been discovered to have potential health benefits beyond relaxing in spas. Although more study is needed, there are many people throughout the world who say they notice the difference.

Some people claim that radiant heat therapy may benefit terminally ill patients, people with heart health problems, stress and anxiety reduction, and even cellulite and skin benefits.

Radiant heat has also shown to be quite beneficial to those with occasional aches and pains, by helping to stimulate circulation- especially if they can`t exercise because of their physical limitations.

When it comes down to it, you really have to decide for yourself if radiant heat would be of any benefit to you by actually trying it out. Now you can experience this radiant heat 24/7 by wearing one of Fusion’s bracelets.


Fusion IONZ™ bracelets are made with a patent pending blend of 13 minerals called Tourmamix from Okinawa, Japan, the land of the longest living people. It is our proprietary patent pending blend and micro manufacturing process that separates us from all other companies who market health wrist bands. It has taken 7 years of research and clinical study to get the ingredients and mixture just right to produce these kinds of results!

Pls see the comparison chart to see the superiority of Fusion negative ions bands- ( must be added)

Clinical Study-

In June of 2013, Fusion contracted with a Medicine Institute in Colorado to conduct a double blind placebo controlled study. ( link to study)

The study’s results were nothing less than miraculous Fusion bands.

Fusion Bracelets Compared to Competitor bands

Fusion bands consistently measured higher negative ions output than all other companies. In fact Fusion measured up to over 4000 cc’s per ng and the closest competitor only measured 1800. Today, we can now boast emissions of up to 10,000 CC’s per NG of negative ions- a truly remarkable accomplishment!

Fusion bands have been clinically studied for Flexibility, Balance, Endurance, Strength and Pain Relief.


Far Infrared (FIR) Healing, Medical Facts and Research Data From Japan And Other Sources. Japanese and Chinese researchers have studied FIR for the last 25 years. In Japan, there is a 'Far Infrared Society' composed of medical doctors and physical therapists dedicated to further Far Infrared heat therapy. Their findings support the multiple health benefits of Far Infrared therapy as a method of serious healing capability.

IVY League Research

Far infrared radiation (FIR):

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