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What Are EMF’s?

EMF’s stand for electronic magnetic frequencies. They are also known as positive ions and electronic magnetic radiation. These radioactive frequencies are created for man made electronics and electricity sources. They have been linked to various health concerns, including increased risk of cancer.


The United States Navy Discovered a Problem in the 1960’s

The US Navy reported to a 1960s edition of Popular Mechanics that they discovered sailors aboard submarines were being poisoned by the EMF radiation coming from electronics aboard the ship. The reported ailments were loss of energy, loss of focus, lower immune function and severe headaches. This syndrome went on to be classified as VODS by the CDC (Video Operators Distress Syndrome).

The City of Berkeley Now Requires Radiation Warning Label

The City of Berkeley became the first US city to require new cell phones to be sold with radiation warnings to let consumers know of the risk. They passed this law after reviewing mounting evidence of issues related to electronic EMF Radiation. This law is similar to the law that requires cigarette packages to offer a warning.


MSNBC: Wait, So Cell Phones DO Cause Cancer?

MSNBC reported this story on 12/28/15. A recent study in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine links long-term exposure to radiation from cell phones to an increased risk of specific brain cancers, particularly when the phone is held against the ear. A statistical analysis of compared hundreds of studies that were done on on low-intensity radio frequency radiation (LIRF) and cell phone use—was It revealed consistent patterns that had not been seen in single studies,” says team leader Igor Yakymenko who conducted the study in Kiev “We saw that ‘heavy users’ were at three to five times higher risk for brain cancer and tumors of the acoustic nerve,” he says. The study defined “heavy user” as someone who uses a cell more than 20 minutes a day for five to 10 years—so, like, everybody.”

Navy Scientists Developed a Solution – Negative Ions

As the US Navy first reported to Popular Mechanics they had to quickly create a solution for the EMF issues that was effecting more and more sailors. Their solution attacked the EMF’s at the molecular level. They discovered EMF radiation was positive ion based, so by inundating air space with negative ions, the effect was neutralized. This hypothesis proved successful and now negative ion generators are installed on every submarine in the US Navy fleet. This solution has now been used for over 50 years.


Fusion IONZ Boost Plus – Patented Portable Negative Ion Solution

Negative Ion generators work aboard enclosed submarines but they do not help us in our normal lives. We are constantly being bombarded with positive ion EMF’s. Now, the negative ion solution is portable. When you attach a Fusion Protect to your phone or electronic device it automatically begins to neutralize emitting EMF radiation rays with a constant barrage of negative ions 24/7.

The Fusion Solution is One of a Kind.

Ivy League Medical School Validation

In 2012, Harvard Medical School joined Massachusetts General to complete the most robust clinical evaluation on FAR Infrared and Negative ions in human history. Part of their studies surrounded the protective qualities of “FAR Infrared” and negative ions in regards to radiation. In fact, for the test, they used X Ray radiation, which is much stronger than cell phone radiation.



After analyzing oxidative stress levels and accumulation of free radicals, they confirmed that FAR Infrared and Negative Ions provide cells with a defensive mechanism that promotes cell repair thru inhibiting activities.

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