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1 Fusion Ionz Black Series Wristband

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Fusion Black is our premium band ideal evening or business wear for anyone who wants the best in Mineral IonZ technology (Tourmamix). Boost your circulation and get the support you need for balance, strength and flexibility. Be your best 24/7 with Fusion Black.

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The Fusion Ionz Difference.

We have patented a proprietary, wearable, non thermal FAR Infrared and negative ions technology to support healthy circulation, balance, strength and endurance.All Fusion IONZ™ products have been clinically studied and laboratory tested to ensure the highest level of efficacy.


Product Overview

The Fusion IONZ™ Black Series is a bracelet that has been scientifically tested to emit highest levels of FAR Infrared (FIR) allowed by the government of the USA and up to 5,000 cc’s of negative ions per second.

This negative ion output makes our Infrared Series bracelet the most potent silicone non thermal FAR Infrared and negative ion delivery system on the market.

The Fusion IONZ™ Black Series Bracelet is ideal for active individuals or anyone looking for increased circulation and the best in negative ion anti oxidant support.


Clinically Studied.

The Fusion IONZ™ Black technology has gone through laboratory testing to certify the Non Thermal FAR Infrared and Negative Ion output.


Purest Minerals and Medical Grade Silicone.

All of our Fusion IONZ™ products contain pure rare earth minerals directly from Okinawa, Japan. These minerals are mixed together in secret and then embedded in the silicon bands to support your health, balance, circulation, strength and endurance. We have scientifically illustrated through Video and our clinical studies that they produce the highest outputs of Infrared and negative ions technology!

This technology has been studied at Ivy League Medical Schools and is used by Olympic Athletes, Pro Golfers and the US Navy!


Fusion IONZ™ - Worldwide Leader in Non Thermal FAR Infrared & Negation Ions Technology

Fusion technology uses a proprietary “powdering” process to micronize up to 12 hard to find rare earth minerals that are then embedded in the silicon while it is still a liquid inside the mold.

This process not only allows us to mix the powder directly into a silicone mold but it also allows us to get the highest possible FAR Infrared and negative ions emissions.


When the silicon dries, the minerals are activated by the warmth of your skin to give off healthful FIR and Negative ions rays.

Our propietary process has been clinically shown to enhance Non Thermal FAR Infrared and negative ions output. To date, there is NO other band that has the strength and intensity of Fusion bands- up to 5,000 negative ions per second!

Clinical Studies


The Fusion Black is an elite band in our Infrared Series, that emits up to 5000 cc’s of negative ions per second. It is the most potent silicone non thermal FAR infrared and negative ion delivery system on the market.

It is an ideal product for workout enthusiasts… as well as anyone who is looking to boost their circulation. This product has been studied in clinical trials and has shown positive results for human performance, balance, strength, energy and joints.

Clinical studies suggest that non-thermal FAR infrared may play a role as a long-term protective effect on vascular function. After many tests it was found that FIR exposure may boost cell proliferation and nitric oxide production that could serve as a potent antioxidant.


In a double blind clinical study conducted at the Energy Medicine Institute in Bolder, CO, 16 healthy humans were tested for flexibility, balance, endurance and its effects on joint pain. Results of these double blind crossover tests demonstrated that the Fusion IONZ bands may produce a significant effect on performance for all of the tests of flexibility, strength, and endurance.It was also reported that participants felt approximately 2 times as energetic as those on the placebo.


In a separate double blind clinical study at the Energy Medicine Institute, the efficacy of Fusion IONZ Band’s effects on pain in 13 healthy subjects was also measured.Subjects complained about shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. Results of this double blind crossover pilot study demonstrate that the Fusion IONZ band may produce a significant effect in subjective pain ratings. The decrease in pain levels reported from 24hrs to 1 week of use were significant. The average percentage decrease with the Fusion IONZ Band was 29.46% after one week wearing the band. These results are promising and further study is warranted.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The Fusion Black band utilizes a proprietary blend of minerals in order to emit negative ions that product FAR Infrared wavelength. This wavelength has been proven to improve human performance, balance, energy, and joints.
Yes! Some people prefer to wear one on each wrist, and many people have reported even better results wearing multiple bands including workout enthusiasts and athletes who want peak performance.
The band will continue to work as long as the silicone is not damaged. The compound used in the band will continue to produce negative ions as long as it is activated by a heat source. (Your body).
The Fusion BLACK has been tested emitting up to 5000 cc’s of negative ions, which is the highest in the industry and the highest allowable by the US Gov’t. The higher the negative ion output, the higher the infrared activity and the more potential benefits to health and performance.
Yes, you can wear your bracelet at all times. The benefits of the negative ions are 24/7.
Yes! Absolutely! In fact, the additional ions from showers, or natural water sources such as waterfalls, rain, even the ocean will stimulate the ion production of your bracelet. However, wearing the bracelet in the pool or hot tub is not recommended as the chlorine content may damage the silicone.